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Metaphysical Series

The purpose of my work is to use it to fight fear from death. Since the demise of the flesh is inevitable, then I can only find ways to plant the fragments of my soul among human civilizations, to root it to console myself. Therefore, it is unimportant to me that what kind of art language I use, and it play a whole key role in my work that what kind of my concept, my soul, in it.


My current series, Metaphysical Series, is a series of works with four chapters. The reason is that if I don't show this pair of opposite contradictions at the same time and look at each other from the perspective of the opposite sides, then it will definitely be incomplete, biased, and even anti-social. I hope that the different worldviews I present will be acceptable to all, especially those with different worldviews. In the current wave of anti-globalization and the wave of people's thinking becoming more and more fragmented. The world needs more neutral speeches that can stand in different worldviews. Understanding each other's world is the most urgent event in the current world.


In terms of artistic language, the works of this series cover almost all the main types of artistic language, including painting, printmaking, fiber, sculpture, performance art, animation, sound and so on.

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